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Discover how the Ontario Open Library, PressBooks and H5P can help YOU - with eCampusOntario

In this recorded session, Stephen Wilfread, Ontario Open Library Coordinator from eCampusOntario provides a brief overview of Open Educational Resources, and the eCampusOntario Open Library. Hear the…

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Finding Open Educational Resources

A brief overview of the repositories and search strategies to find OER to use in your teaching.

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Finding and Using Open Educational Resources

This video provides an overview of what open educational resources are, and how to find and use them in your teaching and learning.

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Open Pedagogy as a Form of Assessment

Open Pedagogy is a learner-driven practice that involves students as active creators and contributors of knowledge through the use of renewable assignments. The products of open pedagogy practice are…

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Curation as a Teaching Strategy

An overview of how a good content curation practice can help with online (or any!) course design.

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Creating Interactive Content with H5P

LINK TO SLIDES: An overview of H5P – an easy-entry interactive content creation platform. Familiarize yourself with H5P Studio – a free collaborative space…

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