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Quick View: Linked In

In this video, students are shown a very quick-look at LinkedIn, what it is, and how you can use it to build your network.

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Resume Formatting Review

In this video, Matthew goes through some quick "dos and donts" of resume formatting.

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Week 4 - Resume Writing

In this module, students will learn the importance of a good resume, SAR statements, and using a more 'active' voice in the written word of their resumes.

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Week 3 - Cover Letters

Writing a Cover Letter. In this module, students will learn why Cover Letters are needed, the appropriate formatting, and the importance of utililzing SAR statements.

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Using JobScan

A quick tutorial on how to use Job Scan - a resume scanning service.

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Week 2 - Skills

Soc Sci 2EL0 - Week 2 Lecture on Skills. Students will explore Hard & Soft Skills, 9 Essential Skills, and engage in personal reflection activities to find out which skills they possess.

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Week 1 - Career Exploration

In the week 1 module for Soc Sci 2EL0, students are told of their instructor, course expectations, and are guided through a career exploration activity.

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