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January 10, 2024 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Annery Garcia-Marcinkiewicz

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Customize Quiz Results Displays

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Grading Quizzes Manually in Avenue to Learn

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October 13, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Dr. Rodrigo da Silva

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Lecture 2.7 - Common Mistakes (with subtitles)

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Destination Francophonie - Destination Pays-Bas

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How to View and Understand the Quiz Submission View

This video tutorial goes over how to read the feedback provided in a quiz’s submission view.

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Grading Quizzes Manually in Avenue to Learn

This video covers the process of grading a quiz manually in Avenue to Learn. Click here for a short text-based summary of the steps you can take to manually grade quizzes in Avenue to Learn.

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Submission Views: Release Quiz Questions and Answers

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Submit a Quiz on Behalf of Student

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Workshop 3: Avenue - Quiz Creation

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