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May 25, 2023 Pain Rounds - Dr. Andrea Furlan

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Seminar Series - September 23, 2022

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KCNQ2 Related Disorders, Dr. Alexander Freibauer, Jan 7 2022

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Meeting Owl Pro: Launching the Meeting Owl with Video Conferrence (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

Once the Meeting Owl Pro is physically setup, plugged into power, and connected to your computer via USB, its time to launch your video conferencing software.

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Scheduling Meetings in MS Teams

This tutorial explains how to schedule a meeting/session in MS Teams.

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Adding files to MS Teams

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Started and finished quantum teleportation and entanglement swapping (QI16_Teleportation) and started the next set of slides (QI17_Quantum_Repeater)

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Creating Channels in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to create channels in Microsoft Teams.

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Setting Up a Team in MS Teams

This tutorial explains how to set up a new team in MS Teams.

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Orientation to MS Teams

This video provides an overview of MS Teams. To navigate to specific sections of the orientation, please see the timestamps below. 1:01: Downloading Teams 2:16: Activity Tab 6:54: Chat Tab 14:49:…

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EarthSci 4J03: Wells Part 5

EarthSci 4J03 Lecture 6E: Wells Part 5

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Deconvolution Module

Image deconvolution and Z-stacks on a widefield fluorescence microscope. Nikon NIS Elements, January 2021.

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Intro to widefield imaging on a Nikon Fluorescence device and NIS Elements software. January 2021.

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Dravet Syndrome | Dr. Sameer Zuberi | Jan 22, 2021

Dravet Syndrome the Model DEE-Diagnosis, Outcomes, and Precision Therapeutics Presented by Dr. Sameer Zuberi, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Royal Hospital For Children & University of…

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How to Upload Content to MacVideo

This video explains how to upload pre-existing content to MacVideo.

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Ling 1AA3: What's up in Week 2?

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Ling 1A03: What's up in Week 2?

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Getting Started with MacVideo

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Basic Teams Overview

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Teams

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07 Meetings in Teams.mp4

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05 Adding Tabs to Teams Channels.mp4

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04 Setting up a Class in Teams.mp4

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V00_02_Linearization of MOSFETs_Part1

This video reviews how to linearize a MOSFET to become a linear element. Note: In the video, there is a typo in gm at 16:43. The correct gm = kn'*(W/L)*Vov, instead of (kn'/2)*(W/L)*Vov.

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Teaching with Teams

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