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Assessment Widget

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Avenue to Learn Content Navigation Widget

This short video shows how the Content Navigator widget works in Avenue to Learn.

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How to Create Custom Widgets in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to create and edit custom widgets in Avenue to Learn.

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How to Customize Homepages in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to create custom homepages in Avenue to Learn. The focus is primarily on widget-based homepages.

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Adding a Microsoft 'Bookings' Widget in Avenue to Learn for Students to select Instructor Office Hours

Katie Moisse (Life Sciences) explains the process to create an embedded version of her Microsoft Calendar in an Avenue to Learn widget for students to self-select available times in an instructor…

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Embedding Flipgrid into Avenue to Learn

Katie Moisse demonstrates how to embed a Flipgrid into an Avenue to Learn course.

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Book Office Hours with Calendly in Avenue to Learn

Katie Moisse, Assistant Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences, describes how to add a Calendly widget on your Avenue homepage to streamline how students book office hour appointments.

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Workshop 3: Avenue - Rubric Creation

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