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Improvisation as a Means for Negotiation

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Alexey - Master of Health Management

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Pain Talk Show - Deleted Scenes (2022)

Extra footage from the interviews with our pain speakers that didn't make it into the talk show itself.

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What is Ableism?

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Content navigator widget

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Communications Widget

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Marking with Rubrics

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How to Communicate with Students in an Online Setting

This tutorial outlines best practices for communicating with students in an online setting. It provides an overview of communication tools in Avenue to Learn with links to specific videos, along with…

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Embed MacVideo Media into an Avenue to Learn Content Module

A few quick ways to quickly embed a MacVideo media directly into a content module in the Avenue to Learn 'Content' area.

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Discussions in Avenue to Learn (Overview)

This video gives an overview of discussions in Avenue to Learn. It covers the relationship between threads and replies, and some options for how threads can be organized into forums. Students will…

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Uses for Student View Function

How to view Avenue to Learn page as a student to ensure you only publish what you want students to see.

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