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Technology supported consultation: The costs and benefits of seeking help | Dr. Sandra Monteiro | May 23, 2024

Dr. Sandra Monteiro is an Associate Professor for the Department of Medicine. She is also the Director of Scholarship, Centre for Simulation Based Learning and Scientist, MERIT, McMaster University.…

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Messaging Standards and Benefits of Standards

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Module 6 Balanced Scorecard Problem 14-22.mp4

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13_Field Oriented Control_Part2

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Edit Closed Captions in MacVideo

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Jan 15th Perceptual Assessment Intervention Part 1

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2G03 Compiling and Bugs raw ppt video

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1) ME 2A03 2020- Module 1.1 - Intro

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Truth and Consequences: How Scientists think about Error and Fraud in Research with Dr. Justin Esarey

To err is human, but to issue a meaningful correction or retraction is relatively rare in scientific publishing. In this joint project with Daniel Bischof and Michelle Dion, we ask: why? This…

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