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March 30 JC

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The Reading Lab Video for Youth!

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15_BLDC Control 2_Part2

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La Paloma analysis - rhythm and sounds

Dr G examines meter and rhythm in La Paloma by Claude MacKay.

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Liquid N2 cheetos and bouncing balls

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Rhose - Master of Health Management

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Alexey - Master of Health Management

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Shefali - Master of Health Management

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Twitch vs. YouTube vs. Zoom - How to use these tools efficiently

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Lawrence,_Karen ACBSP virtual conference 2020 pre-recorded.mp4

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BBS OER lab manual welcome video

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 11 Lecture

Me live coding in Haskell for my class

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Resume Formatting Review

In this video, Matthew goes through some quick "dos and donts" of resume formatting.

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