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Video Assignment Presentation #1

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3P04_M7-DEMO_Team25 Neck Check

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Cover classical cryptography and started quantum cryptography

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Finished class communication theory and started QI6_Spins_and_Photons

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Session 2: Designing a Communications Plan with Mihaela Gruia

Mihaela Gruia is a social and data scientist passionate about the intersection between research, communication and design. She is the founder and Director of Research Retold (,…

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How to Use Avenue Mail in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use the internal email system within Avenue to Learn. It explains how to contact students, customize your inbox, and configure email forwarding.

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Quick View: Linked In

In this video, students are shown a very quick-look at LinkedIn, what it is, and how you can use it to build your network.

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Chat Tool In Avenue to Learn

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Benefits of Mentorship

EDU 700 Supervising and Mentoring Students: Step 3

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