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SMART Board features for LRW 1025 and LRW 1013

This video goes over using the SMART Board features for the SMART Boards located in LRW 1025 and LRW 1013. This includes connecting the SMART Board to a computer and using it to annotate on…

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Meeting Owl Pro: Launching the Meeting Owl with Video Conferrence (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

Once the Meeting Owl Pro is physically setup, plugged into power, and connected to your computer via USB, its time to launch your video conferencing software.

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Scheduling Meetings in MS Teams

This tutorial explains how to schedule a meeting/session in MS Teams.

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Adding files to MS Teams

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Creating Channels in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to create channels in Microsoft Teams.

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4B03-4BB3 tutorial 1 video foul-up

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Adding a Microsoft 'Bookings' Widget in Avenue to Learn for Students to select Instructor Office Hours

Katie Moisse (Life Sciences) explains the process to create an embedded version of her Microsoft Calendar in an Avenue to Learn widget for students to self-select available times in an instructor…

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Using Flipgrid in the Avenue Content Section

This video shows how an instructor can create a new Flipgrid topic, and then embed it in a Content file in Avenue to Learn. For a basic introduction to Flipgrid, see Flipgrid's own basic…

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10 Check Accessibility - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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05 Alternative Text - Accessible PowerPoint.mp4

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01 - Accessible Outlook - Intro and Hyperlinks.mp4

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07 Meetings in Teams.mp4

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06 Adding Teams Meetings to A2L.mp4

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05 Adding Tabs to Teams Channels.mp4

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02 Create a Team.mp4

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01 Word to PDF on Mac.mp4

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04 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms - Captions.mp4

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07 Check Accessibility - Accessible Excel.mp4

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Teaching with Teams

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Adding the Microsoft Teams Meetings scheduling widget in Avenue to Learn

A brief demonstration on how to add the Microsoft Teams widget to your Avenue to Learn course homepage.

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Microsoft Teams: Adding Members With Link

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