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Group theory of rotations: SO(3) versus SU(2). Started Euler angles.

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Pourquoi VEGA

Le video <<Pourquoi VEGA>>.

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08_ECE716_Control of SRM_10

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08_Tutorial_Magnetic Circuit Problem_Part9

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eCampus Additive Manufacturing Setup

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28_Tutorial_Induction Motor Control Problems_Part4

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22_Equivalent Circuit of Induction Motors_Part4

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20_Tutorial_DC-DC converter drive_Problems_Part3

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18_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters2_Part1

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17_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters1_Part6

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06_PMSM FEA Model_Part1

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16_Tutorial_Phase Controlled DC Motor Drive Problems_Part4

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October 22, 2021 - Derek Bingham

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 24: This lecture summarizes some aspects of special relativity, including its formulation in terms of the Lorentz group.

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