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VA#2 - Nathaniel Kawal & Jasmine Gill

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eCampus Additive Manufacturing Setup

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eCampus Tolerancing

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eCampus Drawing Details

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eCampus Views and Dimensioning

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eCampus Orthographic Sketching 2

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eCampus Technical Terms

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eCampus Introduction to Drawings

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eCampus Taper Per Foot

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eCampus Ratios

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eCampus Decimal Fractions.mp4

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Aging and Ageism

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Module 2 - Video 2.2


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Finding Classes to Fit a Schedule using Mosaic Advanced Search

This video demonstrates how to search Mosaic to find classes that fit your schedule using the Additional Search Criteria tools.

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 22 Lecture

live coding

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Mode3D 3D printing microscopy chambers

Design and manufacture of bespoke live cell chambers for fluorescence microscopy.

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Python intro with references to C++ 2G03 2020 raw zoom video

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2G03 Formatted IO raw ppt video

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