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Grading Quizzes Manually in Avenue to Learn

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LiaM - Quizzes and Assignments - Statistics

Did you know that Avenue to Learn is keeping track of your students’ performance in quizzes and assignments? Do you need to make an informed decision about changing a question in the quiz or…

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LIAM - Learner Progress in Avenue To Learn

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Zoom Polls Library

This video goes over the Polls Library in Zoom and how to enable a poll or quiz to be available for all meetings.

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Zoom Advanced Polls and Quizzes

This video goes over how to create an advanced poll or quiz in Zoom as well as the different options available

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Navigating Online Proctoring for Accommodated Quizzes

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Assessment Widget

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Quiz Accommodations in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to add quiz accommodations using the Classlist tool in Avenue. These accommodations, once granted, apply at the course level, meaning that the accommodations will apply to…

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Avenue to Learn Tools

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Keep X of Y Items (Drop Lowest Grade Items)

This video reviews how to add a condition to a grade category to count the best "x" of "y" items, such as the best three of four quizzes.

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Exclude or delete a grade item/category from the final calculated grade

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Ling 1AA3: What's up in Week 2?

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Creating a Gradebook

Using avenue to create a gradebook - please see other grading video for how to assign an assessment to a grading item.

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How to Create Release Conditions in Avenue

Learn how to create release conditions, which allow you to create a custom learning path through your course materials. When you attach a release condition to an item, users cannot see that item…

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How to Share Content and Tools from Your Avenue to Learn Course with Other Instructors

This tutorial explains how to export templates that other instructors may find useful to the Learning Object Repository (LOR), an online library for storing, managing, and sharing learning objects. A…

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Uses for Student View Function

How to view Avenue to Learn page as a student to ensure you only publish what you want students to see.

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Create Multiple Versions of a Quiz

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MacVideo Overview

This video outlines what MacVideo is and some of its features.

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Quizzes and Question Types in Avenue to Learn

What do quizzes look like from the student point of view in Avenue to Learn, McMaster's version of the Brightspace learning management system by D2L? What are the various question types? How…

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Engagement Workshop - June 4

Engagement Workshop from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Recorded June 4, 2020.

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