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LIAM - Learner Progress in Avenue To Learn

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eCampus Taps and Tapping

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eCampus Thread Math

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4FF3_Week2_Discussion [missing first half!]

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Using Advanced Features in Avenue Discussions

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Fusion 360 Part Design 102 - CAD Tutorial

The second video in our part design series with Fusion360. Inventor is the preferred choice for both classes, Fusion360 is just available as an option if you need it for system requirements reasons,…

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Inventor Part Design 102 - CAD Tutorial

The 2nd video in the part design with Inventor refresher series Thanks to Andrew George for creating this video

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Discussions in Avenue to Learn (Overview)

This video gives an overview of discussions in Avenue to Learn. It covers the relationship between threads and replies, and some options for how threads can be organized into forums. Students will…

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