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McMaster Child Health Research Day 2023 Awards Presentation | March 30, 2023

Congratulations to all the award recipients:Top Poster Presentation by an Undergraduate or Medical Student (Session A): Daniel DeSouza & Nikki Nguyen, Caring beyond the biopsy: A scoping review…

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Introduction to Kaltura Capture Part 2

Part 2 of Introduction to Kaltura Capture. In this video we will also explore how to create a video quiz from your recording.

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Module 7 - Video 7.2


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Module 2 - Video 2.2


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Module 6 - Video 6.3


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Module 4 - Video 4.5


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Module 5 - Video 5.2


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Module 5 - Video 5.3


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Applying Content Page Templates in Avenue

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Managing Content in Avenue

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Medical Model of Disability

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Navigating Online Proctoring for Accommodated Quizzes

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Adding an Intro in Camtasia

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Adding a Lower Third in Camtasia

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Calendar Widget

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Assessment Widget

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How to Upload Content to MacVideo

This video explains how to upload pre-existing content to MacVideo.

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MCE Library Research Skills Session

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How to Use the Calendar in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use the calendar tool in Avenue to Learn. The calendar is an important tool because it helps students stay organized and track deadlines. But the calendar tool is only…

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Bibliometrics Approach to Evaluating Research Impact with Dr. Fei Yu – Productivity During Pandemic

1. What is bibliometric analysis?2. What can you do with bibliometrics? 3. How to get started (e.g., resources, tools, methods, & processes); 4. How to interpret bibliometric resultsDr. Fei Yu is…

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Arts & Science - Research Ethics

This video provides an overview of research ethics focusing in on plagiarism, APA style formatting and MLA style formatting.

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MacVideo Getting Started

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Getting Started with MacVideo

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