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ACC 927: Module 1

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March 10, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Drs. Ekta Khemani and Eric Romeril

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Generalized our treatment of first order transitions to include a slow switch on of the perturbation.

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Biomimicry, Section 1-2

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eCampus Principles of 2D Drawing

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What is Culture? How do we bring about change? | Steven Arora | Feb. 4, 2022

Dr. Steven Arora, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McMaster University and pediatrician at McMaster Children’s Hospital, defines organizational culture and what criteria informs it;…

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TA Training - Content Overview #2

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TA Training - Content Overview #1

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Avenue Training - Course Shell + Classlist Overview #3

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LiaM- Adding Hotspots in MacVideo

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Managing Content in Avenue

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Tokai Stage Incubator

10 minute video on how to setup the Tokai HIT stage incubator.

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Finished selection rules (and thereby finished L17T_dep_PT_part3). Started new topic: adiabatic approximation (L18Adiabatic)

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Creating Channels in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to create channels in Microsoft Teams.

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Quiz Accommodations in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to add quiz accommodations using the Classlist tool in Avenue. These accommodations, once granted, apply at the course level, meaning that the accommodations will apply to…

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This is the QFT Tutorial for Jan 14, 2021

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How to Integrate Mentimeter with PowerPoint

This tutorial explains how to use the Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint to add interactive slides to your presentation.

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Exclude or delete a grade item/category from the final calculated grade

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STATS 4.1 - Confidence Intervals

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English 1F03 Lecture October 21

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How to Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar for Students

Integrating Zoom with your McMaster email account can assist with time management and course organization by using a single-sign on approach, only having to log into your GSuite account to access…

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Allowing AI Media to Join Your Meetings in Zoom

The real-time captioning (CART) provider for Mcmaster's online classes is currently AI Media. To allow AI Media into your classes please use the following instructional video.

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How to Provide Feedback Using GradeMark in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use Turnitin GradeMark to provide feedback in Avenue to Learn.

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Avenue to Learn: Making Grades Visible or Hiding Grades

An overview for instructors who want to reveal or hide their grades from students in Avenue to Learn. Click here for a short text-based summary of the steps you can take to make grades in Avenue to…

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