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May 2024 Webinar: Navigating issues related to race, ethnicity, and identity: how they shape our professional and personal lives

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This video describe the operation of TFTP, application and comparison with FTP

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Dr. Julia Abelson - Principles for Public and Patient Engagement (mmrc_researchrounds-juliaabelson_ppe-forweb-31mar2021-final)

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MW Students and OB Residents Learning, Understanding, & Application of Shared Decision Making - MMRC Research Rounds (mmrc-research-rounds---july-15-2020-shared-decision-making)

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Showcase - Client Experiences of the Alongside Midwifery Unit at Markham Stouffville Hospital (mmrc-symposium---showcase-bmd-oct-29-2020)

Dr. Beth Murray-Davis Client Experiences Of The Alongside Midwifery Unit At Markham Stouffville Hospital Thursday, October 29, 2020 – 1240h

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TFTP in Application Layer Protocols

References: Poon, H. (2022). Application Layer Protocols Part 2 [PowerPoint presentation]. McMaster University. Retrieved from McMaster University Avenue to Learn. Bhardwaj, R., & Bhardwaj, A.…

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YouThrive: Placing Lens on Race-based Trauma | Jaleesa Bygrave & Chandan Preet | June 16, 2022

Jaleesa Bygrave is a registered social worker who has a breadth of experience working in the areas of child welfare, primary health care, corrections, health promotion, and community development.…

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Wireless USB Mic Setup

A wireless USB microphone used for zoom calls, recording an ad-hoc Echo360 Universal Capture, or even Kaltura Capture. We cover the hardware setup for Mac and PC.

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Weight management and eating disorders 2021_final_corrected

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Term 2 Challenging Interviews

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March 2nd - Mental Status Assessment

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Zoom Student View (March 2021)

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Feb 23rd - Assessing and Addressing Affective Function Recording

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Feb 19th - Leisure Assessment and Intervention

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Feb 9th - Work Assessment and Intervention for People Entering the Workforce

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Feb 2nd - ADL Assessments and Treatment

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February 1 - Physical Determinants of Occupation

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January 25 - Sociocultural Determinants of Occupations

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Supported Employment Lecture Part 2

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Jan 19th - Work Assessment & Return to Work - Part 1

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January 18 - Ethics

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Jan 15th Perceptual Assessment Intervention Part 1

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Jan 12th - Cognition

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January 11 - Environmental Determinants of Occupation

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