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Module 5 Decision Frameworks and Stategic Analysis of Income Problem 14-19.mp4

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I thought this lecture was lost but I found it!

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Started studying the addition of angular momentum using the lowering operator method. Introduced direct sums and direct products of Hilbert spaces for the coupled and uncoupled bases, respectively.

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Finished slides on "What is a spin?"

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Physical exercise among young people with epilepsy: Facts, challenges and opportunities, Dr. Gabriel Ronen, March 11 2022

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ARiEAL Speaker Series - Accessing words in the Mental Lexicon with ERPs (by Dr. Sid Segalowitz, May 21, 2021)

This talk is co-hosted by the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour as part of the PNB Colloquium and ARiEAL Research Centre as part of the ARiEAL Speaker Series. Dr. Sid Segalowitz…

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Influence of in utero exposure to cannabis on the developmental programming of the gastrointestinal tract | Maria Sunil | CHRD | 2022

McMaster University student, Maria Sunil (supervised by Drs. Sandeep Raha and Elyanne Ratcliffe) delivers her CHRD award-winning research presentation on, Influence of in utero exposure to cannabis…

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CDDMR - Level 1 - Learning Outcomes

The Course Delivery Decision Model (CDDM; Brinthaupt, Clayton, Draude, & Calahan, 2014) presents a structured way of approaching the decision about what modality to deliver a course. The…

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08_Tutorial_Magnetic Circuit Problem_Part7

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36_PMSM_Operational Characteristics_Part5

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36_PMSM_Operational Characteristics_Part4

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36_PMSM_Operational Characteristics_Part2

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eCampus Fusion 360 Introduction

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35_Tutorial_PMSM Problems_Part5

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24_Tutorial_Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit Problems_Part5

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07_Clarke Transformation_Part4

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