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March 25, 2021 Pain Rounds - Dr. Vikar Parihar

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HTHSCI 3BB3 - 10B - Exercise is Medicine - 2022 - Recording

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HTHSCI 3BB3 - 9A - Management of Diabetes and... - 2022 - Recording

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Skeletal Muscle Health in Type 1 Diabetes: Implications of Sex and Age on Outcomes | Dr. Thomas Hawke | November 10, 2022

Dr. Thomas Hawke currently serves as the graduate director for Metabolism and Nutrition within the Medical Sciences Graduate Program McMaster and as the Associate Editor for the American Journal of…

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Group 14 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022

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Group 13 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022

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Group 18 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022

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Physical exercise among young people with epilepsy: Facts, challenges and opportunities, Dr. Gabriel Ronen, March 11 2022

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"Me and My Illness:" Activity book series to support children and families living with serious illness | Ceilidh Eaton Russell | June 9, 2022

Ceilidh Eaton Russell shares about her activity books that help children and their families navigate the many questions and emotions that come with having a serious illness, or being close to someone…

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Applications of accelerometer-based wearable technology in research and clinical care | Dr. Joyce Obeid | May 12, 2022

Dr. Joyce Obeid is an Assistant Professor with the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program. She completed her training in the Departments of Kinesiology and Pediatrics at McMaster. Since…

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Regional Geography of the United States Final Project Alia Dieleman

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team27 Neck Pain

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team01 Rotator Cuff

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“Rough Seas” Ambulatory Care, Change – “An Epic Pediatric Odyssey Voyage” | Dr. Robert Issenman | February 10th, 2022

Dr. Robert Issenman was trained at McMaster, McGill and Harvard. He is currently a Professor of Pediatrics at McMaster University. HHSC will go live with the New Epic Electronic Health Record in 4…

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Children with Disabilities and Human Rights | Grand Rounds | Dec. 2, 2021 |

Speakers, Dr. Olaf Kraus De Camargo, Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas, and Rachel Martens discuss Children with Disabilities and Human Rights, in this December 2nd, 2021 presentation of Pediatrics Grand…

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Epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures (EMAS), Dr. Charuta Joshi, November 19 2021

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Module 8 - Video 8.2 (Reflection)


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T2DM with Dr Diana Sherifali

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Autonomic System and Epilepsy, Dr. Ken Myers, October 29 2021

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Exercise is Medicine 2021

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Nutrition in Adolescence, Adulthood and the Elderly 2021

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Qualitative and Community Based Research Toolkit: An Introduction with Allison Van – Open House Fall 2021

September 24, 2021 Spark: a centre for social research innovation exists to help solve challenges that come up in social research education and applications. Each session will introduce one of…

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The VEGA website in under 5 Minutes

The VEGA website in under 5 Minutes

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Department Mission, Vision, and Values: A Response from the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program | September 2, 2021

Dr. Brian Timmons gives a response from the Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program regarding their views on the Department Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) Statement. For the first time in a…

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