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eCampus Introduction to 3D Drawing

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eCampus Technical Terms

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LR Wilson Hall Room 1013

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1013.

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05_Operation of Brushless DC Motors_Part2

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October 29, 2021 - Eric Bonnetier

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Avenue Login and Homepage

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Avenue to Learn: Login and Homepage

A video demonstrating how to log into Avenue to Learn, and how to navigate the homepage

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Adding a Lower Third in Camtasia

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Avenue to Learn and PeerMark: How to Grade Peer Reviews

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Troubleshooting Preassigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom - Login With Your MacID

This tutorials explains how students should login into their McMaster Zoom accounts in order to ensure that preassigned breakout rooms functions correctly. These instructions are also available as…

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MacVideo Getting Started

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Getting Started with MacVideo

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Fusion 360 Part Design 101 - CAD Tutorial

The first video in our part design series with Fusion360. Inventor is the preferred choice for both classes, Fusion360 is just available as an option if you need it for system requirements reasons,…

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Inventor Part Design 101 - CAD Tutorial

Start here to refresh your CAD skills with Inventor. Thanks to Andrew George for creating this video.

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How to Upload Echo360 Content into Avenue

In this updated video, we go through two ways to integrate Echo360 videos into Avenue: by incorporating the entire Echo360 course, or by embedding individual videos.

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Zoom: Reactions, Gallery View, Speaker View

A brief overview of the reactions tool, the gallery view, and the speaker view in Zoom.

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How to Edit Transcripts and Apply Closed Captions

Instructional video on how to edit transcripts in the transcript editor and apply as closed captions in Echo360.

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How to Use the Personal Capture Client

Instructional video on how to download the Echo360 Capture software, and begin recording lectures.

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Microsoft Teams: Create a New Team

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3A03 - Tutorials - Practice #10, Problem 13

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this video, please email me at

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