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October 27, 2021 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Katherine Taylor

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Echo360: Organizing Echo360 content inside Avenue to Learn

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Echo360: Live Streaming with Polls in Echo360

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Classroom Blackboard Alternatives

An overview of how to leverage Smart annotation technology, capture the blackboard with a PTZ camera, and other digital tools to capture annotation in the classroom.

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Echo360 Ad Hoc Streaming in an In-Person Classroom

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Echo360: ad hoc recording in the classroom

Learn how to initiate an ad hoc recording using Echo360 for in-person classrooms.

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Cardiac Disease: Importance of Prenatal Diagnosis for the Pediatrician | January 28, 2020

Dr. Silvia Alvarez is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University, who will assess the impact of the prenatal diagnosis of heart…

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This lecture is part of MedPhys 4D03 lecture series for the Fall 2020 semester. It introduces the mathematics of image reconstruction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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How to Download Transcripts from Echo360 within Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how students can download video transcripts from the Echo360 module in Avenue to Learn.

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How to Enable Downloads for Transcripts in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to modify settings in Echo360 so that students can download transcripts for videos.

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Getting Started with Echo360

This video tutorial will provide you with a brief overview of the Echo360 interface and how to access the Echo360 Student Experience course, where you can learn about how to use the platform’s…

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Adding TAs to an Echo360 Course & Allowing Them to Edit Video Transcripts

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How to Upload Echo360 Content into Avenue

In this updated video, we go through two ways to integrate Echo360 videos into Avenue: by incorporating the entire Echo360 course, or by embedding individual videos.

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How to Livestream Using Echo360

This tutorial explains how to setup and record a livestream in Echo360. These instructions are also available as a text-based resource: How to Livestream Using Echo360

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04 Setting up a Class in Teams.mp4

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03 - Accessible Presentation Techniques for Online Learning Platforms - Speech Recognition.mp4

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How to Add Activity Slides in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to add interactive elements and quizzes to presentations in Echo360.

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How to Upload Other Types of Media to Echo360

This tutorial explains how to upload media created outside of Echo360, including videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs.

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How to Post Echo360 Videos in Avenue

Instructional video demonstrating how to add Echo360 as an External Learning tool in Avenue, giving your students direct access to the recorded lectures.

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How to Use the Personal Capture Client

Instructional video on how to download the Echo360 Capture software, and begin recording lectures.

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Course Overview: Sociology 3FF3, Summer 2020

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MRI Physics - Part 1

An introduction to the physics of magnetic resonance imaging.

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MRI Artifacts

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Echo360 - Quick Start Video

In this short video, we’ll give you an overview of how to get started with Echo and some of its available features. We’ll start with how to record and edit a video in Echo360.…

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