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Spam, Phishing and Executive Impersonation Attacks

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Back to School: Tips and Tricks for Graduate Students with Allison Van – Spark Talks

Toolkit #6: Research Quality Allison is a rockstar at using research methods to help find solutions for complex social problems. She is excited to be building Spark into a model for facilitating…

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18 degraft johnson

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eCampus Orthographic Sketching 3

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Example: Reflection Training Video Response


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La Paloma analysis - rhythm and sounds

Dr G examines meter and rhythm in La Paloma by Claude MacKay.

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Meeting Owl Pro: Unpacking and Setting up the Meeting Owl Pro

We unpack and walk through the basic physical setup of the Meeting Owl Pro and the mobile tripod kit developed for folks in Social Sciences.

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Lecture 4.2 - Induction and the Well-Ordering Principle (with subtitles)

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Lunch and Learn - The Next Evolution of Your Video Recordings

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Generating Class Lists from Mosaic and Avenue

For a text version of these steps, refer to this document.

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Avenue to Learn Tools

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BHSc (Hons) Program - Student and Alumni Endorsements

The BHSc (Hons) Program is one of the most sought-after undergraduate programs in Canada, and well-known for it's interdisicplinary, integrated, inquiry-based approach to health sciences…

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Erasing and Markers 1

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Cleaning Video 2

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Session 2 - September 16, 2020

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Ethics module

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Health, Aging & Society - APA Citation Style

Plagiarism and APA Style lesson for Health, Aging & Society

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Inventor Assembly Design 202 - CAD Tutorial

The second video in our assembly series with Inventor. If you're in MECHENG 2A03 or 4B03 the parts are available on Avenue to follow along if you wish. Thanks Andrew George for creating this…

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Using Content from a Different Avenue to Learn Course: Copy Components

Also described as 'Import / Export / Copy Components' in Avenue to Learn.

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McMaster Zoom Portal Orientation

An overview of the options on the McMaster Zoom Portal website: includes how to get to the portal the UTS McMaster Zoom help and information pages Quick Join a meeting Host…

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