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Applying Content Page Templates in Avenue

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Download Media from MacVideo

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Generating Class Lists from Mosaic and Avenue

For a text version of these steps, refer to this document.

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Exporting Grades from Avenue, Using Excel to Calculate, then Submit Final Grades to MOSAIC

This video shows the steps for submitting final course grades to Mosaic which are in an Excel. It also covers the gradebook export options in Avenue to Learn for editing grades offline.

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How to Download Transcripts from Echo360 within Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how students can download video transcripts from the Echo360 module in Avenue to Learn.

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How to Enable Downloads for Transcripts in Echo360

This tutorial explains how to modify settings in Echo360 so that students can download transcripts for videos.

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Convert Macvideo Content into MP4 Format

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MacVideo Player Walkthrough

This video is an overview of the video player interface and its features.

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