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Final Exam Preview, OSS, 2024

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Caring for children and youth new to Canada: our role as health professionals | Dr. Lita Cameron, Dr. Laura Erdman & Dr. Andrea Hunter | November 16, 2023

Dr. Lita Cameron is a family physician in downtown Hamilton, Ontario and a Newborn Care Hospitalist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, where Dr. Cameron is a clinical preceptor for Family…

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Final Exam Preview, OSS, 2023.mp4

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Grading Quizzes Manually in Avenue to Learn

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(Y)OUR STORIES Compilation Video - Former Residents

Created in celebration of the Department of Anesthesia's 50th Anniversary.

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Neuromonitoring in the pediatric intensive care unit from seizure detection to covert consciousness, Dr. Mark Wainwright, June 10 2022

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13 lee

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28_Tutorial_Induction Motor Control Problems_Part5

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28_Tutorial_Induction Motor Control Problems_Part4

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2RW6 Introduction to Take Home Essay

Dr. G goes over the assignment description, including rubric.

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3BB3 Intro Video 2021

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Navigating Online Proctoring for Accommodated Quizzes

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Apr 13 wrapup

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2DA3 Week 1 Lecture video - Intro

This the intro. for the 2DA3 course.

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Overview of Term 2 Inquiry Assignments

Overview of Term 2 Inquiry 2021 assignments

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How to Use Insert Stuff, Insert Images, and Insert Quicklinks in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to use insert stuff, insert images, and insert quicklinks in Avenue to Learn.

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How to Use the Calendar in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use the calendar tool in Avenue to Learn. The calendar is an important tool because it helps students stay organized and track deadlines. But the calendar tool is only…

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English 1F03 Lecture November 11

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Note 0_ 2020-09-08

Note 0 - Course Overview

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Video - S1

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