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ARiEAL Learning Series - How to Navigate Online Conferences (November 17, 2020)

This ARiEAL Learning Series event features a panel of speakers representing Undergraduate, MSc, and PhD students who have attended and/or presented at an online conference. The panelists include…

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Graduate Student Information Session

This information session is for any graduate student who requires alternate formats of print materials. We will outline the process to obtain alternate format textbooks and research materials…

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Mortality and Morbidity Meetings | Drs. Jennifer Twiss & Mike Marrin | Jan. 20 2022

Drs. Jennifer Twiss and Mike Marrin from the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University reflect on Mortality and Morbidity (M&M) Meetings. This discussion reviews: the history of M&M…

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LR Wilson Hall Room 1013

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1013.

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Lecture 2.5 - Proof By Contradiction (with subtitles)

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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Exporting Grades from Avenue, Using Excel to Calculate, then Submit Final Grades to MOSAIC

This video shows the steps for submitting final course grades to Mosaic which are in an Excel. It also covers the gradebook export options in Avenue to Learn for editing grades offline.

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Exporting and Recolouring PPT Slides for OBS and Lightboard

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Accessing Data Resources Remotely with Vivek Jadon – Productivity During Pandemic

There is so much data available to researchers virtually, but they can be hard to find and even harder to access. In this talk, Data Specialist Vivek Jadon will share how McMaster researcher's…

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Week4-Imaging In Practice

This lecture is part of MedPhys 4D03 lecture series for the Fall 2020 semester. In this lecture some of the most important operations in intensity space, such as window/level, histograms etc. will…

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01 Word to PDF on Mac.mp4

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Convert Macvideo Content into MP4 Format

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Import Quiz from Publisher's Test Generating Software

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Methods for Creating Avenue to Learn (A2L) Quiz Questions

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