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Adding MacVideo Videos to Avenue to Learn

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Giving Students Special Access for Avenue to Learn Quizzes

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CTF Challenges

References: XSS in Markdown. HackTricks. (n.d.).

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Current RSV Eligibility | Dr. Jennifer Twiss & Fiona Guy | July 13, 2023

Fiona Guy (BSc, BScN, RN) is a former Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, and is currently the RSV Clinic Coordinator at McMaster Children’s, a Ministry of Health board member for the RSV Advisory…

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team35 Knee

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team33 Knee

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team11.mp4 Gait

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team09 ACL

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26_Inverter Controlled Induction Motor Drives1_Part3

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19_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters3_Part1

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11_DC Motor Excitation Types2_Part2

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Mosaic Student Center Basics

This video introduces the basic features of the Student Center area within Mosaic, McMaster's main online access point for students, staff, and faculty.

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LiaM- Adding Hotspots in MacVideo

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Access and Submit Quiz

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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MacVideo Interactive Video Paths Overview 1

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Lab D7: Pre-Lab Presentation

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Activate Your Avenue Course

Details for how to make your Avenue course viewable to students.

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Chat Tool In Avenue to Learn

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