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Julianne Providence Soc Sci Internship - 01 Introduction

This video is also available in a click-on-screen interactive video version. Choose your own path in this interactive video to hear about Julianne's experience in the Social Sciences Internship…

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How to Move an Alumni Posting

When approving jobs sometimes you will come across an employer that has posted a position for a permanent hire. It makes a bit of sense as our Job Board is called Engineering Job Postings and not…

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Success in the Social Sciences -- and Beyond!

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Quick View: Linked In

In this video, students are shown a very quick-look at LinkedIn, what it is, and how you can use it to build your network.

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Resume Formatting Review

In this video, Matthew goes through some quick "dos and donts" of resume formatting.

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Welcome to the Social Sciences Faculty Office

The Social Sciences Faculty Office at KTH 129, also known as the Office of the Associate Dean Academic, is a social sciences student's academic home base for advising, services and support.

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