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Bridging the Gap: Confronting and Resisting Racism in Mental Health | Dr. Ameil Joseph | February 17, 2022

Dr. Ameil Joseph is the Associate Professor at the School of Social Work at McMaster University and holds a Professorship in Equity, Identity, and Transformation from the Faculty of Social Sciences…

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Julianne Providence Soc Sci Internship - 01 Introduction

This video is also available in a click-on-screen interactive video version. Choose your own path in this interactive video to hear about Julianne's experience in the Social Sciences Internship…

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Emerging Powers and Big Data with Laura Mahrenbach – Productivity during Pandemic

Government intentions stand at the heart of debates about how big data can and should be used in the Global South. Laura will present three government visions for big data, discuss each…

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Better Interview Questions with Allison Van – Productivity During the Pandemic

So you're going to conduct research interviews? Allison Van has done thousands. In this seminar, she'll walk you through the core questions and approaches to consider when developing your…

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Accessing Data Resources Remotely with Vivek Jadon – Productivity During Pandemic

There is so much data available to researchers virtually, but they can be hard to find and even harder to access. In this talk, Data Specialist Vivek Jadon will share how McMaster researcher's…

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Bibliometrics Approach to Evaluating Research Impact with Dr. Fei Yu – Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk Dr. Fei Yu will introduce what bibliometric analysis is and what you can do with it. She will use examples from her own work to discuss the resources, tools, methods, and processes of…

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Norm Emergence and Change in a Collective-Risk Social Dilemma with Dr. Giulia Andrighetto – Productivity During Pandemic

From climate change to ecosystem and habitat destruction to the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, many contemporary societal challenges are exacerbated by collective action problems. In…

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Group Process Mapping with Allison Van - Productivity During Pandemic

In this workshop Allison will introduce a facilitation process for helping organizations understand the informal and divergent processes that can occur when working with clients. Group processes is…

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Managing References & Digital Files with Zotero with Dr. Michelle Dion - Productivity during Pandemic

This session will focus on configuring Zotero to work with plug-ins to manage your digital library and make writing & citing more effortless and easy. Great for students and faculty alike who…

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Black Christian Millennials "Doing Religion" In and Outside of the Black Church with Shaonta' Allen M.A., Ph.D. Candidate - Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk, Shaonta' Allen shares findings from her PhD dissertation on the individual experiences of religion of Black Christian Millenials. She identifies the experience of tension young…

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Truth and Consequences: How Scientists think about Error and Fraud in Research with Dr. Justin Esarey

To err is human, but to issue a meaningful correction or retraction is relatively rare in scientific publishing. In this joint project with Daniel Bischof and Michelle Dion, we ask: why? This…

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Week 4 - Resume Writing

In this module, students will learn the importance of a good resume, SAR statements, and using a more 'active' voice in the written word of their resumes.

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Technology Education for Women Transitioning From Incarceration with Dr. Hyunjin Seo - Productivity during Pandemic

Dr. Hyunjin Seo leads technology education and information literacy workshops to marginalized groups including formerly incarcerated women now seeking to enter the workforce. She will be talking…

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Back to School: Tips and Tricks with Dr. Michelle Dion

Welcome to McMaster! with Dr. Michelle Dion. This talk provides an overview of some of the platforms students will likely be using this fall for their classes. It will also provide some tips and…

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Being Kept Out of Sexual Fields: The Intimate Lives of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Ontario, Canada with Alan Santinele Martino

In this Productivity During Pandemic talk we are joined by McMaster Sociology PhD Candidate Alan Martino. Alan talks to us today about intimate citizenship and the barriers to sexual spaces…

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Working with an Academic Editor with Melissa Van - Productivity During Pandemic

Are you undertaking a new writing project? Maybe looking for some help writing a book or important manuscript? Working with an academic editor can help you nail a project and improve your writing,…

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Virtually Anonymous: Conducting Online Interviews with Anonymous Participants with Andrey Kasimov - Productivity during Pandemic

In this Productivity During Pandemic talk, PhD sutdent Andrey Kasimov shares tips and insights gained from conducting online interviews with anonymous participants belonging to reactionary online…

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Private Consulting as a Career with Ben Chan, Strategy & Operations Principal at Slalom Consulting - Productivity during Pandemic

In this video Ben offers great insight in to how he ended up in private consulting after his training in political science. He shares interview tips for landing a job in consulting as well as how to…

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Practical Tips for Tweeting Research and Networking with Dr. Firas Khalid and Ahmed Ali

Want to use social media to engage your audience? Twitter is the social media of choice for many academics. This talk will discuss practical ways you can use Twitter for academic networking and to…

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Undergraduate Student Research Awards (Social Sciences)

The McMaster Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) support undergraduate students to pursue research projects under the supervision of faculty members. The award provides you with an…

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Social Sciences - Student Navigator

Meet Manu, the Student Navigator for the Social Sciences.

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