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AI in Healthcare Rounds with Dr. Cynthia Lokker - June 19, 2024

AI in Healthcare Rounds explore the latest advancements and applications of AI in healthcare through engaging discussions and case applications facilitated by AI experts. In this session, Dr.…

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AI in Healthcare Rounds with Dr. Swati Mishra - May 15, 2024

Discussion Topic: Towards Human-Centered Design of Machine Learning Systems for Better Healthcare

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Moving Beyond the Stethoscope: Lesson Learned from Pediatric Intestinal Ultrasound | Dr. Katherine Prowse & Dr. Mary Zachos | April 25, 2024

Dr. Katherine Prowse completed her core Paediatric residency training at Northeast Ohio Medical University/Akron Children's Hospital and Paediatric Gastroenterology fellowship at McMaster…

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AI in Heatlhcare Rounds with Mason Kadem - October 18, 2023

Topic of discussion: Using AI in clinic and large-scale research

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Module 4 Spoilage in job costing, open, 2023.mp4

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Module 3 Determine and Apply Cost Allocation Rate, open, 2023.mp4

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"Exploring how feedback reflects entrustment decisions using artificial intelligence" – Dr. Mohammad Zubairi | April 20, 2023

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November 10, 2021 Clinical Improvement Rounds - Dr. Sabarinath Nair

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Building a Digital Space for Qualitative Research Collaboration with Dr. Kim Fortun

In this talk, Dr. Kim Fortun will walk participants through the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE, pronounced “peace”), an open-source, freely accessible digital…

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_16

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_15

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_13

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_8

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_6

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Neuromonitoring in the pediatric intensive care unit from seizure detection to covert consciousness, Dr. Mark Wainwright, June 10 2022

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08_ECE716_Control of SRM_01

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04_ECE716_Derivation of pole configuration in SRM_03

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04_ECE716_Derivation of pole configuration in SRM_01

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01_ECE716_Electric Motor Industry and SRM_09

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