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Module 3 Pricing and Cost Strategies Problem 13-16.mp4

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Customize Quiz Results Displays

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Marking with Rubrics

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KETODOSE Trial Protocol Version 1.0 | Mohamed Eltorki (March 28, 2023)

Dr. Mohamed Eltorki, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, discusses the KETODOSE Trial Protocol Version 1.0 Sept 26, 2022.

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SPF Video

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Listening to the Voices of English Language Learners on Campus: A Panel

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eCampus Principles of 2D Drawing

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eCampus Precision Measuring

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VEGA: Asking about an injury

How to video from the VEGA Child Maltreatment module

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How to Enable Turnitin on Avenue to Learn

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Submitting Final Grades to Mosaic from Avenue to Learn

This video shows the process of submitting final course grades to Mosaic directly from the Avenue to Learn Gradebook. ***Note: you may want to hide any grades you have revealed (temporarily) if you…

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Marking with Rubrics

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L'internet des objets_Video

Compréhension Orale 2 : Vous avez 30 minutes pour regarder la vidéo (3 fois maximum) et répondre aux questions.

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Avenue to Learn and PeerMark: How to Grade Peer Reviews

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How to Remove/Disable Tools in the Avenue to Learn Toolbar

This tutorial explains how to remove/disable/hide the various tools that students can access through the toolbar in Avenue to Learn.

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How to add and create a PeerMark assignment to your Avenue to Learn course

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How to Provide Feedback Using GradeMark in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use Turnitin GradeMark to provide feedback in Avenue to Learn.

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Zoom: Managing Participants in the Participants Panel

An overview of the host participant panel in zoom at McMaster.

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Zoom: Break-out Rooms

An overview of the breakout room function for zoom hosts. Includes preassigned break-outs, dynamic breakouts, room setup and management functions. Click here for a short text-based summary of how…

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