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eCampus Principles of 2D Drawing

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LiaM - Reducing Cognitive Load and Zoom Fatigue

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Lecture 3.5 - Relations Between Two Sets (with subtitles)

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Lecture 1.3 - Truth Tables (AND, OR, NOT) (with subtitles)

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Combustible cracker

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2G03 Compiling and Bugs raw ppt video

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F2020 FR2Z06 CO1_Christie_3

Compréhension orale 1 (Listening Comprehension #1) Rappel: Stratégies pour bien réussir les exercices d'écoute / Reminder: Strategies for Successful Listening…

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Coding raw ppt video

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Week 2 - Skills

Soc Sci 2EL0 - Week 2 Lecture on Skills. Students will explore Hard & Soft Skills, 9 Essential Skills, and engage in personal reflection activities to find out which skills they possess.

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Quizzes and Question Types in Avenue to Learn

What do quizzes look like from the student point of view in Avenue to Learn, McMaster's version of the Brightspace learning management system by D2L? What are the various question types? How…

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Mathematics essentials

This is the second part of the Monday lecture. Review of basic mathematics and trigonometry.

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