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Animal Assisted Intervention Lecture July 14

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Module 9 - Introduction

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Module 8 - Introduction

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How can practitioners assess the value of social work interventions? with Knut Sundell

1 – Most social work interventions are not well-supported by research. This situation is not likely to change. Although guided by good intentions this may result in poor or even harmful…

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Module 4 Decentralization, Performance and Transfer Pricing Problem 22-19.mp4

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Module 4 Decentralization, Performance and Transfer Pricing Problem 22-17.mp4

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HTHSCI 3BB3 - F2023 - 10B - Indigenous Relationship with Food Guest Lecture - Recording

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Practice: VPISH

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Practice: Ditransitives

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Bringing Business to the Bedside Part 2: Negotiations | Dr. Anthony Crocco | June 8, 2023

Dr. Anthony Crocco is an Associate Professor at McMaster University and is the Deputy Chief of Pediatrics at McMaster Children’s Hospital. As an administrator, Dr. Crocco is committed to…

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Ditransitives in X-Bar

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Complements versus Adjuncts

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"Just doing the best you can": Parents and Children's Perspectives of Living with Serious Illness | Dr. Ceilidh Eaton Russell | November 3, 2022

Dr. Ceilidh Eaton Russell is a Certified Child Life Specialist, and a Lecturer in Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care graduate program at McMaster University. She is also a PhD candidate at…

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08_ECE716_Control of SRM_09

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05_ECE716_Modeling of SRM_03

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02_ECE716_Electromagnetic Principles of SRM_06

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STATS 3DS3 Winter 2022 Lecture 18

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36_PMSM_Operational Characteristics_Part2

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15_BLDC Control 2_Part1

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14_BLDC Control 1_Part4

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23_Torque Speed Characteristics of Induction Motors_Part2

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04_Modeling of BLDC Motors_Part8

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