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AI in Healthcare Rounds with Dr. Mark Cicero

In this session of AI in Healthcare Rounds, Dr. Mark Cicero, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of 16Bit, discusses The Story of Rho: From idea to regulatory approved opportunistic software medical device.

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_5

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04_ECE716_Derivation of pole configuration in SRM_02

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eCampus Precision Checking

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04_Modeling of BLDC Motors_Part2

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Anthropology 3FF3_20.09.21

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Lecture 1.4 - Truth Tables (Implies, IFF) (with subtitles)

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Studied the Aharonov-Bohm effect (as an example of a Berry phase) and thereby finished the slides on Berry's phase.

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Finished density operator slides (QI11_Density_Operator) and started the slides on local measurements (QI12_Local_Measurements)

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Numpy 3 : Vectors and Matrices

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Numpy 2 : Storage

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Exporting Grades from Avenue, Using Excel to Calculate, then Submit Final Grades to MOSAIC

This video shows the steps for submitting final course grades to Mosaic which are in an Excel. It also covers the gradebook export options in Avenue to Learn for editing grades offline.

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06 Accessible Word Document - Tables in Word.mp4

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05 Tables - Accessible Excel.mp4

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027 Epsilon and Assumption

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018 Data and Plots

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016 Conditional Random Variable and Independence

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012 Normal Distribution

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007 Random Variable

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Bonding 2

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