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Handling Missing Data in Social Science Studies with Rod Little

I review methods for handling missing data in empirical studies in the social sciences. I define missing data, and provide a taxonomy of main approaches to analysis, including complete-case and…

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Seminar Series - March 24, 2023

Speaker: David Argente

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Generalized our treatment of first order transitions to include a slow switch on of the perturbation.

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Showed how to find transition amplitudes from the Dyson series. Began analyzing 1st order perturbations constant in time except for being switched on at t=t0.

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Mixed states and the density operator. Taught by Wyatt Kirkby in 2021

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Finished studying the quantum repeater (QI17_Quantum_Repeater)

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Finished going through the slides L17T_dep_PT_part2 which included perturbations with harmonic time dependence, including the illumination of an atom by a laser. Started the next set of slides…

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Started the set of slides L17T_dep_PT_part2 which applies time dependent perturbation theory to various examples.

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Began studying Bell's inequality (QI14_Bells_Inequality)

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12-PositionSpace Interactions

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 12: This lecture summarizes the position space formalism of the previous lecture and introduces simple self-interactions.

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13-BE Condensation

Physics 4Q03 Lecture 13: This lecture reviews how to set up averages with statistical mechanics, translating the grand canonical ensemble into the language of occupation number. This is used to…

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Finished density operator slides (QI11_Density_Operator) and started the slides on local measurements (QI12_Local_Measurements)

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Physics 4Q03 Tutorial Feb 10, 2021

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Went through the ``projector method'' for quantum measurement calculations (QI11_Density_Operator)

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Cover classical cryptography and started quantum cryptography

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Phys 4Q03 Tutorial for Jan 28, 2021. (This one mistakenly has a music track appended from a playlist that was playing when I was setting up and which I forgot to turn off because i could not hear it…

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Continued with QI7_Operators. Introduced Hermitian operators

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Finished slides QI6_Spins_and_Photons, started slides on Operators

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Continued going through slides QI6_Spins_and_photons. Introduced Dirac notation.

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Covered the exchange interaction and began discussion of quantum statistical mechanics

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This is the QFT Tutorial for Jan 13, 2021.

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Finished class communication theory and started QI6_Spins_and_Photons

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PHYS 3QI3 Class 2

Continued going through the slides: QI2_Overview

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4Q03 Lecture 08: This lecture continues to convert Fermi's Golden Rule to continuum normalization, doing so for a simple absorption process and then for a general scattering process, defining…

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