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Showed how to find transition amplitudes from the Dyson series. Began analyzing 1st order perturbations constant in time except for being switched on at t=t0.

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Finished going through the Green's function slides and started looking at path integrals.

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First class on the WKB approximation

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March 2, 2022 - Samit Dasgupta

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eCampus Fusion 360 Modifying and Posting

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21E_Three-phase Winding Design_Part1

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Climbing Film Evaporator: System in Vacuum Pressure - W2

CHEMENG 3L02 - Intermediate Laboratory Skills Lab: Climbing Film Evaporator Week: 2/3 Topic: lab walkthrough for vacuum pressure setup

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18_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters2_Part3

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18_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters2_Part1

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11_DC Motor Excitation Types2_Part3

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11_DC Motor Excitation Types2_Part2

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11_DC Motor Excitation Types2_Part1

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Knowledge Mobilization Toolkit: An Introduction with Allison Van – Open House Fall 2021

Spark has organized the vast and ever-changing world of social research methods into seven methodology toolkits. In this Open House series, the Academic Director and Executive Director of Spark…

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Oct 1, 2021 - Vesselin Dimitrov

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Video Lecture_Lab F12-Parallel-Series Pump

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Started the WKB approximation (L13WKB_approximation.pdf)

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What We Do at Spark with Michelle Dion – Spark Open House

In this short video, Michelle Dion, Academic Director of Spark outlines what Spark: a centre for social research innovation is about and how we support social researchers and community leaders.

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Lab F12: Pre-Lab Video


September 18, 2020 - Faculty Threads

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Better Interview Questions with Allison Van – Productivity During the Pandemic

So you're going to conduct research interviews? Allison Van has done thousands. In this seminar, she'll walk you through the core questions and approaches to consider when developing your…

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Bibliometrics Approach to Evaluating Research Impact with Dr. Fei Yu – Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk Dr. Fei Yu will introduce what bibliometric analysis is and what you can do with it. She will use examples from her own work to discuss the resources, tools, methods, and processes of…

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Group Process Mapping with Allison Van - Productivity During Pandemic

In this workshop Allison will introduce a facilitation process for helping organizations understand the informal and divergent processes that can occur when working with clients. Group processes is…

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