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02_ECE716_Electromagnetic Principles of SRM_06E

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Avenue Support and Resources

This video will cover how to access assistance and support with Avenue to Learn at McMaster. Specifically, users will learn how to submit a support ticket with the Avenue Support Team.

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Avenue Course Administration and Content

This video will cover how to access Avenue courses and review the essentials of the Content and Classlist tools. It will also cover how to add a user to a course shell manually, as well as important…

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Avenue Training - Course Shell & Classlist Overview #2

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Avenue Training - Course Shell Overview + Classlist

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Creating an Avenue to Learn Course Shell: Directions for Instructors and Department Administrators

This video shows the process for requesting an Avenue to Learn course shell. This process can be completed by either an instructor or department administrator (in situations where the sessional…

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LiaM - TopHat - Creating Questions

Learn in a Minute by Nidia Cerna - Educational Developer at DeGroote's Teaching and Learning Services.

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Learn in a Minute - A2L Tools Section

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DeGroote's Avenue to Learn Template

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How to Use the Calendar in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to use the calendar tool in Avenue to Learn. The calendar is an important tool because it helps students stay organized and track deadlines. But the calendar tool is only…

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How to Organize Your Course Shell on Avenue to Learn

This video provides an overview of how to organize your course shell on Avenue to Learn. It links out to several other videos with more specific instructions related to the practices described.

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How to Remove/Disable Tools in the Avenue to Learn Toolbar

This tutorial explains how to remove/disable/hide the various tools that students can access through the toolbar in Avenue to Learn.

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Unix part 1, raw ppt video

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Announcement Tool - Avenue

Using the Announcement tool on Avenue to remind students of assigned work and updates.

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Lecture 2 - Ionizing Radiation Interactions

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Lecture 1 - Atomic and Nuclear Physics

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Unit 4 - PT - Part 2

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How to Create Checklists in Avenue

Learn different ways you can use checklists in your course to help students navigate your course material, view their progress, and manage their time.

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How to Post Echo360 Videos in Avenue

Instructional video demonstrating how to add Echo360 as an External Learning tool in Avenue, giving your students direct access to the recorded lectures.

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Nuclear Medicine - Part 1

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Bonding 1

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