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Applying Content Page Templates in Avenue

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Lunch and Learn - Virtual Collaboration Tools - We're in this together!

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LiaM - Finding Templates for Your Mural Board

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Calendar Widget

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Assessment Widget

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Settings widget

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Camtasia Library - Learn In A Minute

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Content navigator widget

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syllabus widget

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 30 Lecture

live coding

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COMPSCI 3FP3 Mar 29 Lecture

live coding

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Communications Widget

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Avenue to Learn Alternative Homepage

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Data Visualization Tools with Juan Velasco

Hands-on with data visualization tools: Juan Velasco demonstrates the use of free and practical tools like Tableau, Datawrapper and Flourish to create different types of static and interactive data…

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DeGroote's Avenue to Learn Template

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Learning to Teach Online Guided Walk-Through

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How to Import Content and Tools from Others into Your Avenue to Learn Course

This tutorial explains how to import templates from the Learning Object Repository (LOR), an online library for storing, managing, and sharing learning objects. A learning object can be a quiz, a…

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01 Signature Setup - Accessible Email Signature.mp4

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Schedule a Meeting in the McMaster Zoom Online Portal

A high-level overview of how to changes and setup a zoom meeting in the McMaster Online Zoom portal:

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