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3P04_M7_Demo_Team19 ACL

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Classroom Blackboard Alternatives

An overview of how to leverage Smart annotation technology, capture the blackboard with a PTZ camera, and other digital tools to capture annotation in the classroom.

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LR Wilson Hall 1055 - Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1055. Learn more about teaching in Active Learning Classrooms in LRW.

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LR Wilson Hall Room 5012

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 5012.

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Liquid N2 cheetos and bouncing balls

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Meeting Owl: Best Practices

An overview of some tips, tricks, and best practices to make the most out of using the Meeting Owl Pro for teaching.

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Classroom Document Camera

Have a look at how to operate a document camera in an in-person classroom.

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Classroom Crestron Touch Screen Controls

Have a look at the basic functionality of common in-person classroom touch screen controls up close.

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Meeting Owl Pro: Meeting Owl App Overview

A comprehensive overview of the Meeting Owl App controls and a demonstration of some key features in the Meeting Owl Pro.

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Meeting Owl Pro: Launching the Meeting Owl with Video Conferrence (Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

Once the Meeting Owl Pro is physically setup, plugged into power, and connected to your computer via USB, its time to launch your video conferencing software.

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In-person classroom 'Pan Tilt Zoom' (PTZ) Cameras

Learn how to connect and control in-person classroom audio visual equipment in some classrooms at McMaster.

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Lunch and Learn - Engaging Lecture Livestreams - What can we learn from YouTube and Twitch?

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Using OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)

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Introduction to Nikon Eclipse Ci-Pol Microscope, thin sections and Nikon NIS-Elements D software

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Open House: Compelling Videos

Supriya Thukral, communications team member at Spark who produced the videos on our website, discusses features of compelling video that can be applied to knowledge mobilization of research.

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Intro to widefield imaging on a Nikon Fluorescence device and NIS Elements software. January 2021.

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Some great tips for Mac users!

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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OBS Getting Started - Flip and Virtual Camera

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Cleaning Video 1

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Camera Settings

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