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lab meeting with M7000 notes

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Group 09 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022-1.m4v

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Group 08 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022-1.m4v

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Group 05 - Project 1 - 2Q03 - F2022-1.m4v

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LR Wilson Hall - Room 1025 - 'Big Room'

Indigenous Studies Program (ISP) and Indigenous Student Services (ISS) big room audio visual setup for the large display, the wireless microphone, and the blu-ray media player.

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LR Wilson Hall Room 1003 - 'Community Room'

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1003, also known as 'the Community Room'.

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08_Park Transformation_Part2

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University Hall (UH) 122: PA and Wireless Mic Setup

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Physics 4Q03 Lecture 24: This lecture summarizes some aspects of special relativity, including its formulation in terms of the Lorentz group.

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Introduction to Nikon Eclipse Ci-Pol Microscope, thin sections and Nikon NIS-Elements D software

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Set out the basic ideas of a quantum repeater (QI17_Quantum_Repeater)

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Used first order time-dependent perturbation to study the interaction between atoms and incoherent light (L17T_dep_PT_part3)

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Finished going through the slides L17T_dep_PT_part2 which included perturbations with harmonic time dependence, including the illumination of an atom by a laser. Started the next set of slides…

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Finished going through QI12_Local_Measurements (partial traces etc) and also went through the EPR paradox (QI13_EPR)

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Imaging module for DIC and phase contrast on the Nikon Eclipse. About 12 minutes in total

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C2 Confocal basic imaging v2

Basic confocal plus deconvolution imaging.

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Intro to widefield imaging on a Nikon Fluorescence device and NIS Elements software. January 2021.

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Went through the first slides in QI6_Spins_and_photons

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Finished class communication theory and started QI6_Spins_and_Photons

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Some great tips for Mac users!

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Introduction to the Lightboard

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OBS Slide Importing

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