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March 13, 2024 Pediatric Rounds - Dr. Sam Stafrace

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Practice: NPIs

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Taking a MacVideo Quiz

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January 28, 2021 Pain Rounds - Dr. VIkas Parihar

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Reproducibility of 1,000 articles; Lessons Learned with Lars Vilhuber

Toolkit #6: Research QualityThe American Economic Association's Data Editor has reviewed more than 1,000 empirical articles since July 2019, and worked with authors to improve the…

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Accessible Social Media 101 - H.E.A.A.R.T. Summer 2022

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Biomimicry, Section 3-1

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Respectful Communication

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Intersectionality - Applications for Student Leaders

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Lunch and Learn - Engaging Lecture Livestreams - What can we learn from YouTube and Twitch?

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Twitch vs. YouTube vs. Zoom - How to use these tools efficiently

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Improving childhood cancer outcomes in low- and middle-income countries through advocacy, policy, and research | April 15, 2021

DR. SUMIT GUPTA is a Staff Oncologist and Clinician Investigator at the Hospital for Sick Children. His research focused on identifying vulnerable subpopulations of children, adolescents, and young…

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The 7 Core Skills of Accessibility for Document Creation

This is a recording from our session that took place on March 8th, 2021. The 7 Core Skills of Accessibility for Document Creation workshop will demonstrate document authoring methods in…

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LEAPing from food allergy prevention to treatment: Guidelines, lessons learned and future directions | April 23, 2020

Dr. Doug Mack is a Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialist. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster. While the revolution of food allergy…

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Leveraging Social Media for Career Success and Research Communication with Equity Burke – Open House

In this Open House session, Equity Burke speaks about the use of social media to advance research careers. She takes you on a whirlwind tour through different social media platforms and discusses how…

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Mixing Column: Appendix - W3

CHEMENG 3L02 - Intermediate Laboratory Skills Lab: Mixing Column Week: 3 Topic: Appendix

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Gas Membrane: Appendix Setup - W2&3

CHEMENG 4L02 - Advanced Laboratory Skills Lab: Gas Membrane Week: 2 and 3 Topic: Lab Report Appendix Criteria

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Gas Membrane: Introduction - W2&3

CHEMENG 4L02 - Advanced Laboratory Skills Lab: Gas Membrane Week: 2 and 3 Topic: Introduction

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Quiz Creation - Avenue

Basics of Creating a Quiz

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Navigating Avenue Course Listings

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Uses for Student View Function

How to view Avenue to Learn page as a student to ensure you only publish what you want students to see.

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Digital Content Creation for Instructors and Students

An introduction to free, easy-to-use tools and important considerations when creating digital content for teaching/learning.

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