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Privacy and "The Biggest Lie on the Internet" with Jonathan Obar

This talk will introduce audience members to the "the biggest lie on the internet" (known as "I agree to the terms and conditions"). Online consent is fundamental to privacy law…

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2021 Primer Module 6 w VO.mp4

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01_ECE716_Electric Motor Industry and SRM_08

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Website Tour ecospeers

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The Patient Experience - More Than just Patient Complaints | July 15, 2021

Christopher Sulowski has been a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician at McMaster Children’s Hospital since 2011. He became Deputy Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at McMaster in 2014 and…

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Processes of Accessibility

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Sept 2 The OT Advisory Committee on Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias and Anti-Oppression

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07 Accessible Word Documents - Check Accessibility

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Productivity during Pandemic - Dr. Hyunjin Seo

Hyunjin Seo leads technology education and information literacy workshops to marginalized groups including formerly incarceratedwomen now seeking to enter the workforce. She will be talking about…

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02 Word to PDF on Windows.mp4

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01 Signature Setup - Accessible Email Signature.mp4

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