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Privacy and "The Biggest Lie on the Internet" with Jonathan Obar

This talk will introduce audience members to the "the biggest lie on the internet" (known as "I agree to the terms and conditions"). Online consent is fundamental to privacy law…

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Linguistic Challenges of Fieldwork for First-Generation Ethnic Researchers with Shirin Khayambashi

Toolkit #3: Empowerment, Equity, and Engaged Methods This presentation explores my challenges as I tried to navigate the qualitative fieldwork as a first-generation ethnic researcher. While…

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More Than the BIrds and the Bees: A primer on Sexual Health Assessments in Teens | Dr. Natasha Johnson| September 15, 2022

Dr. Johnson completed medical school and her pediatrics residency at McGill and then completed her fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto before joining our…

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2021 Primer Module 5 w VO.mp4

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2021 Primer Module 4 w VO.mp4

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2021 Primer Module 3 w VO.mp4

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2021 Primer Module 1 w VO.mp4

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Standing Out and Blending In with Dr. Carolyn Holmes – Spark Talks

April 1, 2022 In this talk, Carolyn will explore the ethical considerations of contact-based research and ask how the identities of researchers and research participants shapes the ethics of…

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BHSc Ethics Screening

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Term 2 Challenging Interviews

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Jan 5th - Course Intro, Clinical Decision Making & Documentation

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Productivity during Pandemic - Andrey Kasimov

Tips and Insights for conducting online interviews with anonymous participants for the Productivity During Pandemic Seminar Series.Andre is a PhD student in Sociology, and doing fascinating research…

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Rethinking Group Consent in Community-Based Research with Dr. Karen Nairn and Dr. Caris Showden – Productivity During the Pandemic

Dr's Karen Nairn and Carisa Showden - Rethinking group consent in community-based research: Insights from New Zealand Bios: Associate Professor Karen Nairn (University of Otago) currently based…

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