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Animal Assisted Interventions II

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FSS Touch Display - Basic Instructions (PC and Laptop)

A basic overview of the touch-capable displays in seminar rooms across the Faculty of Social Sciences. This video applies to the following rooms:KTH B122 KTH 227A KTH 334 KTH 306A KTH 709 KTH 712 KTH…

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Spirituality | Dr. Gregorio Zuniga | Oct 27th, 2022

Dr. Gregorio Zuniga is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University and performs his clinical duties with the Quality of Life and Advanced Care Team at…

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13_ECE716_Week11_Manufacturing of SRM_5

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LR Wilson Hall - Room 1025 - 'Big Room'

Indigenous Studies Program (ISP) and Indigenous Student Services (ISS) big room audio visual setup for the large display, the wireless microphone, and the blu-ray media player.

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Engagement in Virtual Education | Faculty Development | Dr. Mohammad Zubairi (Jan. 20 2022)

Dr. Mohammad Zubairi, Director of the Pediatric Residency Program at McMaster University, shares perspectives on synchronous and asynchronous approaches to virtual learning and engagement. He…

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04_Modeling of BLDC Motors_Part4

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Liquid N2 flowers

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LR Wilson Hall Room 3001 & 5001

The audio video setup for LR Wilson Hall Room 3001 & 5001.

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Gaming When Things Get Tough: How Emotion Regulation and Coping Self-Efficacy Influence Gaming with Camila Caro

Building on recent research on gaming, Camila Caro has newly developed a measure of gaming during difficult life situations and explores the role of emotion regulation and coping self-efficacy as…

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Lab P8: Pre-Lab Presentation

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Virtually Anonymous: Conducting Online Interviews with Anonymous Participants with Andrey Kasimov - Productivity during Pandemic

In this Productivity During Pandemic talk, PhD sutdent Andrey Kasimov shares tips and insights gained from conducting online interviews with anonymous participants belonging to reactionary online…

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