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KTH 308

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Wireless Presentation with Crestron AirMedia

How to use the wireless presentation option in the FSS classroom and meeting spaces.

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FSS Seminar Display

The use and features of the Dell Touch Displays in the FSS seminar rooms. This video applies to the following rooms:KTH B122 KTH 227A KTH 306A KTH 334 KTH 709 KTH 712 KTH 732 CNH 307 The video…

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02_ECE716_Electromagnetic Principles of SRM_12

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CTF Challenges

References: XSS in Markdown. HackTricks. (n.d.).

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This video describe the operation of TFTP, application and comparison with FTP

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07_ECE716_SRM in Generating Mode_1

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08_Tutorial_Magnetic Circuit Problem_Part8

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LR Wilson Hall - Room 1025 - 'Big Room'

Indigenous Studies Program (ISP) and Indigenous Student Services (ISS) big room audio visual setup for the large display, the wireless microphone, and the blu-ray media player.

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41_Switched Reluctance Motor Drives_2_Part4

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Wireless USB Mic Setup

A wireless USB microphone used for zoom calls, recording an ad-hoc Echo360 Universal Capture, or even Kaltura Capture. We cover the hardware setup for Mac and PC.

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45_Back-to-Back Motor Drive Problem_Part1

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Module 3 - Video 3.3


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Module 3 - Video 3.1


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Module 1 - Video 1.1


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26_Inverter Controlled Induction Motor Drives1_Part3

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28_Tutorial_Induction Motor Control Problems_Part1

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LR Wilson Hall 1055 (1056,1057) - Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1055 (same functions and features in 1056 & 1057). Learn more about teaching in Active Learning Classrooms in LRW.

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LR Wilson Hall Room 1003 - 'Community Room'

The layout, features, and audio visual controls in LRW 1003, also known as 'the Community Room'.

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19_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters3_Part3

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19_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters3_Part2

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18_Control of DC Machines using DC-DC converters2_Part2

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03_Electric Motor Drives_Part1

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13_Phase Controlled DC Motor Drives1_Part1

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