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Spam, Phishing and Executive Impersonation Attacks

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Qualitative Research Methods 101 with Allison Van

Allison Van is the Executive Director of Spark: a centre for social research innovation at McMaster University. She specializes in mixed-methods complex systems analysis, community/academic…

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Reimagining Our Work - Part 2 | Dr. Enas el Gouhary | November 3, 2022

Dr. El Gouhary is an associate Professor in the division of Neonatology. She is the program Director for the neonatal perinatal medicine program, chair of the pediatric department mentorship and…

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2021 Primer Module 5 w VO.mp4

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Making Sense When Nothing Makes Sense: Narrative Techniques for the Frustrated, Anxious, and Just Plain Exhausted| Dr. Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos| May 19, 2022

Dr. Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos is a Paediatric Emergency Physician in Hamilton and a general Emergency Physician in London. She studied Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. She likes animals,…

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ARiEAL Speaker Series - Accessing words in the Mental Lexicon with ERPs (by Dr. Sid Segalowitz, May 21, 2021)

This talk is co-hosted by the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour as part of the PNB Colloquium and ARiEAL Research Centre as part of the ARiEAL Speaker Series. Dr. Sid Segalowitz…

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3P04_M7-Demo_Team30 Gait

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Refugee Health| Dr. Christine Wang | March 24, 2022

Dr. Christine Wang is a second year pediatric resident and serves as a Refuge Resident Clinic Coordinator, as well as one of the resident EDI leads. Families and youth with refugee experiences…

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March 11, 2022 - Chris Miller (ceiling camera)

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March 11, 2022 - Chris Miller

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36_PMSM_Operational Characteristics_Part3

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February 11, 2002 - Flaviana Iurlano

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Narrative and Mythologies

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Module 1 - Video 1.2


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Pragmatism and Resilience

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social psychological resilience

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Anthropology 3FF3_20.09.21

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mental health and resilience

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Anthropology 3FF3_16.09.21

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Anthropology 3FF3_09.09.21

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Ramping Up Your Research: 10 Strategies to Enhance Your Scholarly Production | August 26, 2021

Invited guest Dr. Michael Gottlieb speaks about "Ramping up Your Research: 10 Strategies to Enhance your Scholarly Production." Summary | It can be challenging to balance producing…

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VEGA Project, McMaster University Video: How to ask about potential child maltreatment and respond safely—children’s exposure to intimate partner violence

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Lecture 3.5 - Relations Between Two Sets (with subtitles)

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