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Talk Show - Topic 2: Food, Eating & Nutrition (2023)

Hosted by your Topic 2 Lead Stacey Ritz, our Talk Show guests this year are:Deborah Sloboda: Canada Research Chair in Perinatal Programming Russ deSouza: Nutritional Epidemiologist Krista…

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May 25, 2023 Pain Rounds - Dr. Andrea Furlan

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Ketogenic Diet Therapy for Epilepsy Myths and Mysteries, March 24 2023, Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran Nair

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June 24, 2021 Pain Rounds - Dr. David Clinkard

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Ketogenic Diet An Update on a Non-Pharmacologic Therapy, Dr. Eric H Kossoff, June 24, 2022

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Less Restrictive Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy and Beyond- A Scientific Endeavor, Dr. Sheffali Gulati, February 11 2022

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An Absent Adolescence? A Bioarchaeological Approach to Understanding the Teenaged Lived Experience in 18th Century Atlantic Canada, by Dr. Amy Scott

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Becoming Adults: An investigation of dietary change in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood at Isola Sacra (Italy, 1st-4th centuries CE), by Creighton Avery

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Epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures (EMAS), Dr. Charuta Joshi, November 19 2021

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Navigating Nutrition in Healthcare

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Weight management and eating disorders 2021_final_corrected

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Nutrition in Adolescence, Adulthood and the Elderly 2021

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Food Allergies: A Spectrum of Disease | October 7, 2021

Dr. Marian Hannah Hannah discusses Infant and pediatric presentation of allergy and addresses the following objectives 1) Understanding the difference between IgE and Non-IgE mediated food allergies;…

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Water soluble vitamins part 2

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Water soluble vitamins part 1

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Fat soluble vitamins

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Water and Electrolytes 2021

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Protein2021 Final

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Lipids 2021

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Carbohydrates 2021

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Review of Digestion and Metabolism 2021

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Dietary planning 2021

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The Science of Nutrition

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