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06_PMSM FEA Model_Part4

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Module 7 - Citation - How to use Zotero


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Download Media from MacVideo

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Adjusting Your Media Start and End Time in MacVideo

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Edit Closed Captions in MacVideo

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Add Collaborator to MacVideo Media.mp4

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Giving Bonus Points or Extra Credit

In this video, we will review how to give extra credit or bonus points in three ways: As bonus points within a quiz (for example, if you include a bonus question as extra credit in an Avenue quiz).…

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How to Edit a Grade Item or Category

Click here for a short text-based summary of the steps you can take to edit a grade item or category.

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Exclude or delete a grade item/category from the final calculated grade

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Adding TAs to an Echo360 Course & Allowing Them to Edit Video Transcripts

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How to Create Release Conditions in Avenue

Learn how to create release conditions, which allow you to create a custom learning path through your course materials. When you attach a release condition to an item, users cannot see that item…

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How to Edit Transcripts and Apply Closed Captions

Instructional video on how to edit transcripts in the transcript editor and apply as closed captions in Echo360.

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Edit Captions in Macvideo

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