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Introduction to Impact Evaluation with Paul Bakker

In this talk, Paul Bakker, Credentialed Evaluator, will provide an introduction to the practice of impact evaluation. Topics will include: what is evaluation, how it differs from other types of…

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Neonatal Hemodynamics and Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography (TNE): A contemporary approach to hemodynamic disturbances in neonatal medicine | Dr. Amneet Sidhu | February 16, 2023

Dr. Amneet Sidhu is a staff neonatologist at McMaster Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics. She joined the division in 2017 after completing her…

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LIAM - Learner Progress in Avenue To Learn

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ARiEAL Speaker Series: Tracking reading in a second language: perspectives from a university bridging program (by Drs. Anna Moro & Daniel Schmidtke, March 21, 2022)

Dr. Anna Moro is Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Languages, founding director of the MELD, MERGE and MODEL Programs, director of the Bilingualism Lab in ARiEAL, and former…

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Applying Research Methods to Environmental Decision Making with Dr. Heather Dantzker

In this session, Dantzker will review and discuss the purposes, methodologies, and utility of applied social science research and program evaluation approaches she has used over the course of her…

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Epilepsy Surgery The Earlier the Better, Dr. Helen Cross, April 9 2021

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Week 11. Lecture 12. Surveillance

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How to Provide Feedback on Assignments in Avenue to Learn

This tutorial explains how to provide feedback on Assignments in Avenue to Learn.

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Conservation Psychology as a Pathway to Change and Action with Dr. Rupu Gupta - Productivity During Pandemic

In this talk, Dr. Rupu Gupta will share her work in research and evaluation in the field of conservation psychology. She discusses how conservation psychology can be a means to tackle the complex…

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10 chapter 10 overview

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