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SNOMED-CT Terminology

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SensusAccess for Students

Information for students on how to use SensusAccess

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SensusAccess for Instructors

Instructions to assist instructors in adding SensusAccess to A2L.

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Video Project #1: TFTP Protocol, by Illia Shapovalov and Kevin Zhang Huang

Video Project #1: TFTP Protocol, by Illia Shapovalov and Kevin Zhang Huang

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Practice: Complement versus Adjunct

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Marking with Rubrics

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E-Lab book Show and Tell: E-notebooks for the lab

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2021 Primer Module 6 w VO.mp4

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TFTP in Application Layer Protocols

References: Poon, H. (2022). Application Layer Protocols Part 2 [PowerPoint presentation]. McMaster University. Retrieved from McMaster University Avenue to Learn. Bhardwaj, R., & Bhardwaj, A.…

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3P04_M7_Demo_Team19 ACL

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Applying Content Page Templates in Avenue

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Managing Content in Avenue

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Download Media from MacVideo

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Settings widget

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Adding files to MS Teams

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Setting Up a Team in MS Teams

This tutorial explains how to set up a new team in MS Teams.

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Orientation to MS Teams

This video provides an overview of MS Teams. To navigate to specific sections of the orientation, please see the timestamps below. 1:01: Downloading Teams 2:16: Activity Tab 6:54: Chat Tab 14:49:…

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3 Tools Workshop

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Data Management 101 with Dr. Michelle Dion - Open House

In this video, Dr. Michelle Dion, Academic Director of Spark introduces the key considerations involved in effective data management and resources for doing it right. She talks about different…

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Moving a Folder in Teams via Sharepoint

You cannot directly move a items in the file section of MS Teams via drag and drop. If you want to move a file or folder, you first have to open up the file section in Sharepoint and then can drag…

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How to Use Insert Stuff, Insert Images, and Insert Quicklinks in Avenue to Learn

This tutorials explains how to use insert stuff, insert images, and insert quicklinks in Avenue to Learn.

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OBS Slide Importing

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