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Module 7 Capital Budgeting and Time Value of Money Problem 21-16.mp4

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Customize Quiz Results Displays

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Qualitative Research Designs - Examples from Medical Education - Dr. Elif Bilgic | Entrustable Professional Activities and Competence Committee Decision Making: Discussion of a Peds Education Research - Dr. Spencer van Mil | November 17, 2022

n this session of our Pediatric Education Journal Club, Dr. Elif Bilgic starts off with the Two Bite Brownie segment on Qualitative Research Designs and provides examples from medical education.…

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PBT Training Video - Student as Tutor Providing Feedback

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“Do Awards Fulfil Their Intended Purpose?” | Dr. David Callen | April 21, 2022

Dr. Callen is an Associate Professor who has been a part of the Department of Pediatrics since 2007. His main area of interest is educational innovation, especially as it applies to his cherished…

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Applying Spaced Repetition and Test-Enhanced Learning in Pediatrics Academic Half Day Curriculum: A Qualitative Study | Gurdeep Singh | CHRD | 2022

McMaster Pediatrics Resident, Dr. Gurdeep Singh (supervised by Dr. Quang Ngo, with co-investigators Drs. Pinkal Patel and Jason McConnery), delivers his CHRD award-winning research presentation on:…

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02_Electrical System Integration_Part1

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Module 8 - Video 8.1 (Reflection)


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Illuminating the Future Through an Equity Lens with Dr. Jewlya Lynn and Dr. Jen Heeg – Spark Talks

Systemic change is at the heart of so much of the social sector’s work these days. Foresight and futures thinking has a critical and often unseen role in helping us describe and pursue those…

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Reimagining the Future of Health Profession Education | August 12, 2021

Dr. Teresa Chan speaks about Reimaging the Future of Health Profession Education. Summary | What does the future of medical education look like? Join Dr. Teresa Chan in an interactive digital talk…

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Introductions and the AccessMac Program

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Learn in a Minute - A2L Tools Section

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Central question: How to create more jobs taking advantage of Hamilton’s industrial foundation and natural scenery? Hamilton is a city with vast potential, and we intend to attack the problem…

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Oct 14, 2020 - Class of 2023 - Dr. Whyte

White Coat Ceremony Dr. Whyte

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Uses for Student View Function

How to view Avenue to Learn page as a student to ensure you only publish what you want students to see.

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Time Value of Money (Part 5)

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Time Value of Money (Part 2)

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Debt (Part 7)

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WACC - Weighted Average Cost of Capital (Calculation Part 3)

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Stock Valuation (Part 3)

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HTHSCI 4TE3 - The Teaching Hospital

PK Rangachari, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, talks about his course HTHSCI 4TE3 - The Teaching Hospital, which explores the history of clinical education, and explores the past, present and future…

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